Park to Playa Blair Hills Bridge

This pedestrian/ habitat bridge and trail connect the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook and Stoneview Nature Center to Kenneth Hahn State Recreation area, providing a safe wildlife migration across La Cienega Boulevard.  This project was the final phase of the Park to Playa 13-mile seamless trail network, connecting parks, trails, and open spaces from the Baldwin Hills Parkland to the Pacific Ocean.  LCI worked closely with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Baldwin Hills Conservancy, Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, City of Los Angeles and City of Culver City to complete the trail design, which spans multiple jurisdictions.  A number of workshops with stakeholders are held every design milestone to ensure transparency, collaboration, and compliance.  The landscape design concept included native plants and grasses to screen objectionable views, re-vegetation/restoration, a water efficient irrigation system, rustic Corten steel planters, and incorporation of organic materials indigenous to the site.  Sustainability measures included capturing stormwater with bioswales, mitigation and conservation.

This facility in Huntington Beach is an innovative training center that develops the learning and technical skills of both cadets and students by providing an environment that best balance quality enhancements of both building design and landscape.

LCI achieved this goal by creating a park scenario for passive recreation, biddle and grinder courses for physical training activities and memorial as a focal point next to the building’s main entry. A number of prominent trees were protected through strict construction and management procedures while applicable stormwater techniques such as Modular Wetland Biofiltration systems were considered for the project.