Sustainability + Water Waste

LCI has significant project experience creating and supporting low impact development (LID), water conservation through efficient irrigation management, water mitigation and design and education around water education projects.

At LCI, a pivotal point in every design approaches sustainability. This effort encompasses water efficient plant palettes, weather sensitive irrigation systems and components, environmentally responsible site drainage, reduction of ambient site temperatures, and sustainable maintenance practices. Experience in landscape project development enables the firm to effectively identify and resolve critical issues encountered in a variety of situations such as unique climatic conditions, potable/reclaimed irrigation water and air/water/soil quality as these components relate to agronomic suitability. LCI’s ability to weigh the initial and life cycle costs against client criteria and budget constraints have consistently been valuable tools in determining practical landscape solutions.

Our irrigation designs are water efficient and are keyed to the requirements of the plant materials. We group plant within a particular hydrozone for similar water use, and we develop a master control system for larger projects. LCI is able to assist staff with budget preparation for upcoming projects and implement project design. LCI’s experience in the aesthetic and functional design of public landscape and irrigation projects includes median parkways, plazas, and pedestrian links. We are able to work with you to identify and resolve critical issues commonly encountered.