Cabrillo Way Marina Waterfront, Street, & Parkway Development Phase II

The Marina Waterfront development, located along 22nd Street and Miner Street, included street and parkway development incorporating future Red Car Line, right-of-way, key entry features, parking lot, and public area landscape. Consistency with the Port Landscape Master Plan and sustainable practices guided LCI’s use of drought-tolerant materials, which also provided shade and aesthetic enhancements. Palm trees were utilized to convey the California theme as an accent at entries and parkways. Envisioned as a temporary measure for the future Red Car easement, LCI utilized drought tolerant turf along the corridor, employed separate irrigation valves and segregated trees on a bubbler system to minimize impacts to future construction and reduce water use. We worked with the waterfront consultant to complement hardscape, signage, and lighting components and POLA staff to address maintenance concerns and lifecycle costs to create a destination environment.

This facility in Huntington Beach is an innovative training center that develops the learning and technical skills of both cadets and students by providing an environment that best balance quality enhancements of both building design and landscape.

LCI achieved this goal by creating a park scenario for passive recreation, biddle and grinder courses for physical training activities and memorial as a focal point next to the building’s main entry. A number of prominent trees were protected through strict construction and management procedures while applicable stormwater techniques such as Modular Wetland Biofiltration systems were considered for the project.