State Route 138 Visual Impact Assessment

  • Client Caltrans District 7

Lancaster, CA

The PA/ED State Route 138 (SR-138) project included 36.8 miles of roadway improvements along SR-138 between the interchanges of Interstate 5 and State Route 14. As the Landscape Architect, LCI drafted the Visual Assessment Document (VIA) jointly with Caltrans District 7 staff.

Key tasks included:

  • Field investigation, research, and corridor photo documentation
  • Nine visual simulations demonstrating ‘before’ and ‘after’ visual impacts
  • Narrative description of landscape design criteria
  • Highway planting design concepts
  • Preliminary budget preparation

Context sensitive planting design included:

  • Relocated Joshua trees
  • Drought-tolerant shrubs/ground covers
  • Special non-irrigated hydroseed mix
  • Inert materials

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