Plaza of the Fountains

  • Client City of Santa Ana

Santa Ana, CA

With the renovation of the Plaza of the Fountains, the City of Santa Ana wished to achieve several goals: create an inviting space for public use, install demonstration gardens to illustrate water-conserving planting schemes and irrigation methods, and reuse specimen plants relocated from the neighboring Santa Ana Zoo.

LCI looked at the project as an opportunity to create a planting scheme through the renovation and restoration of existing fountains, plazas and planters. Three theme gardens were developed: Tranquility Garden, Tapestry Garden and Arroyo Seco Garden. Accompanying interpretative graphics describes the design and plant selection for each garden.

Because standard irrigation systems (drip tubing, micro sprays, emitters) proved to be too delicate and not ideally water efficient, the design included the installation of the state of the art Surface Flow irrigation system. This system is efficient for delivering water at a very low rate without overspray and is vandal resistant, which is a problem in this area of the city.

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