Hyperion Environmental Learning Center

  • Client City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works

Los Angeles, CA

As a catalyst to change behavior, the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works’ bureaus of Sanitation and Engineering developed the Los Angeles Environmental Learning Center (ELC) to educate children and adults about sustainable water and solid resources management. The ELC’s vision is to build on the success of the city’s current environmental education programs and provide an engaging, dynamic, and interactive environment to teach students about the urban water cycle in the City’s watersheds (drinking water, wastewater and stormwater), the solid resources program (reduce, reuse and recycle), and the importance of the students’ individual and aggregate commitment to conservation and environmental stewardship.

The ELC was designed to maximize efficient water use and management. Key components of the building and adjacent grounds include stormwater runoff capture and percolation through permeable pavers and a vegetated swale, recycled water use and smart controls for irrigation, a green roof system, and a constructed wetland. The center helps the Bureau of Sanitation to increase public awareness about the services it provides, and more importantly, fosters learning for students to change their behavior about water use and solid resources. The ELC also serves as a community resource for environmental education, enabling visitors to learn how their day-to-day activities affect the environment.

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