Dominguez Gap Wetlands and Recreation Study

  • Client Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

Long Beach, CA

The $7 million treatment wetlands and spreading grounds project was the latest in a series of regional, multi-benefit projects implemented by the Los Angeles County Flood Control District. The wetlands project is one of the top five demonstration projects of the Los Angeles River Master Plan.

The wetlands project is the first of its kind in the Los Angeles County region. It maintains the integrity of flood protection along the urban lower reaches of the river, while introducing new water quality elements, groundwater recharge, restoration of native habitat, pedestrian and equestrian trails, environmental education, and river bike trail enhancements.

Design of this project supports passive public uses such as bird watching, nature study, hiking, cycling, and horseback riding, while also creating environmental educational opportunities. In response to differing scenarios for water management, LCI’s design focused on the feasibility of potential educational and recreational uses of these facilities, while complimenting the enhancement of existing trails and access, as well as construction of public facilities.

Security issues were merged with safety issues leading to specified planting heights for maintained visibility, along with well-lit designated pedestrian areas. For example, bird blinds were eliminated because they prevented an appropriate line-of-sight. LCI was also responsible for recreational trails, hard- and softscapes, 100% drawings, and construction documents. This project also involved coordination with multiple agencies, including the DPW and its surrounding cities.

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