City Centre Park

  • Client City of Laguna Woods

Laguna Woods, CA

City Centre Park is a small (2/3 acre) parcel of land sandwiched between a main thoroughfare (Moulton Parkway) and a local retail/ hospitality center in Laguna Woods, California. The neighborhood is predominately senior citizens and as such, accessibility is a priority. The site is developed on a hillside and incorporates an ADA compliant pathway traversing a steep slope, which connects the hotel/ retail site to Moulton Parkway and a local bus stop.

The design criteria included incorporation of a venue for small group performances and the terrain presents a natural setting for this purpose while maintaining views of the distant mountains. The plant palette includes many California ‘friendly’ plant species and water conserving drip irrigation system. Site amenities provided throughout the park include benches, picnic tables, trash and ash urns and drinking fountains.

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