Ampersand Modern Workspace Campus

  • Client The Casey Brown Company

San Diego, CA

This unique project, located in San Diego, is a re-imaging of the iconic San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper offices and printing press into a 330,000 square-foot creative office complex. In collaboration with the project architect, LCI developed a story for the site design that connects our client’s vision with the Union-Tribune’s rich history, San Diego River, trolley, and trail system.  The landscape scope area encompassed over 3.5 acres of outdoor spaces and planting within an overall site area of 14 acres.

LCI themed the central courtyard, entitled the Riverlands, as an abstract connection to the adjacent San Diego River and local outdoor culture.  It has an organic ‘river-like’ flow which stretches from south to north ends and winds through the parking spine with a connection planned for a future river trail phase.   The Press Building courtyard was previously where the U-T printing press machine operated and has been aptly themed after this use.  Entitled, Press City, this courtyard has an urban industrial character with a modern flow, abstracting the stories rolling off the printing spools and into the community.

A variety of spaces provide tenants with opportunities for outdoor working, socializing, gaming, relaxing, and reflecting.  The plant palette is a mix of drought tolerant California friendly materials; grasses mixed with agaves, accent trees, and colorful sensory plantings. Additionally, portions of the landscape provide a mix of culinary plantings and fruit trees to complement a future craft café and/or restaurant.

Image Credit: Javier Laos Photography

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