Cabrillo Way Marina, Phase II

  • Client Port of Los Angeles

Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, CA

This $125-million project was the second phase of an upgrade to the marinas on both sides of the Port of Los Angeles West Channel in San Pedro. In the 1980s, Phase I redeveloped the Cabrillo Marina. The Phase II project, located along 22nd Street, Miner Street, and along the waterfront, included street and parkway development incorporating future Red Car Line, right-of-way, key entry features, parking lot, and public area landscape.

LCI made all plant material selections congruent with the waterfront and Port Landscape Master Plan documents. Sustainability directed the use of drought-tolerant materials, which provided shade and aesthetic enhancements. Palm trees were used to create the California experience and accent entries and parkways.

As a temporary solution for the future Red Car easement, turf was used. Separate irrigation valves were established to minimize the impact of future construction. Trees were irrigated on a separate bubbler system in an effort to direct water to the root systems in times of water rationing.

LCI worked with the waterfront consultant to complement hardscape, signage, and lighting components. The LCI approach included POLA maintenance concerns and lifecycle costs balanced with maximized visual appeal to create a destination environment at the new marina.

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