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Landscape Architecture
for Horizontal Environments

Our horizontal projects are focused on ground plane development such as infrastructure, transit, and streetscape work. Lynn Capouya Landscape Architects’ core teaming partners for these projects are mainly civil engineers.

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Landscape Architecture
for Vertical Structures

Landscape architecture for these project enhance the built environment in markets including commercial, retail, campus, education, civic, and healthcare and campuses. Clients include architects, developers, civil engineers, and other professions in construction.

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Sustainability + Water Management

LCI’s Sustainability + Water Management program delivers an innovative strategic master plan which gives clients clear direction and solutions on how to move forward and save money on site issues related to water and infrastructure efficiency (irrigation, landscape, drainage).  LCI’s team works directly with the client in performing an analysis of existing site issues, including an irrigation system audit. The master plan provides metric based solutions developed by our in-house irrigation studio which graphically show comparisons between current water use, state requirements, and solutions on how much LCI can save them. The master plan format balances technical information with aesthetics allowing it to be used by maintenance staff (technical) in solving site issues or presented to boards / committees for approval (aesthetics).

In addition to innovative metric analysis, our irrigation studio strives to stay ahead of the continually evolving California state water mandates (AB1881). To complement our S+W program, LCI developed a handy comparison between the different mandates.

Outcome Benefits

  • Clients will have a strategic plan for moving forward with site efficiency upgrades and cost reduction measures – reduce water use, costs, and improve drainage
  • Solutions for reducing irrigation water use and re-imaging to a modern low maintenance landscape
  • Solutions to issues with outdated irrigation equipment and stormwater drainage
  • Solutions that are sustainable, healthy, and provide educational / branding opportunities

Irrigation Master Planning

In addition to the Sustainability + Water Management Program – for multiple building sites (education, corporate, etc) – our irrigation studio can analyze your campus system and develop a master plan to optimize and more efficiently manage system-wide irrigation and reduce water-use. The master plan inventories and analyzes existing systems and can incorporate new equipment with the existing for a seamless transition.

Outcome Benefits

  • Master planned irrigation system that works together to be more efficient and reduce water use
  • Latest technology which monitors system and provides real-time analysis to identify issues as they happen and save money
  • Phased program that allows for installation over timeframe that works for client

Research & Development

LCI is continually researching building industry trends / products so we can keep our clients educated on best management practices. Because of evolving water-use requirements, synthetic grass has become a popular choice in lieu of natural. So is synthetic grass the best option? Instead of just “going with the flow,” LCI graphically illustrated the research to give our clients the facts in making the decision between synthetic or natural grass. Visually seeing the comparison of research based information our clients can decide what the right choice for their specific project is.

Download our infographic on Natural vs. Synthetic

LCI Infographic