Commercial + Retail

While According to a recent study collected by the University of Washington’s College of Forest Resources, “Trees affect retail sales”. The study concluded that trees don’t just make shopping
centers greener, they make the bottom lines of the landlords greener, too.

Retail is a specialized area, with specific requirements. The first and foremost is visibility. The ability of passengers in cars and pedestrians on the street to see into a shopping center or retail space is a key factor to owners and tenants. We take special efforts to select plant materials and other design elements which frame and shade plazas and walkways without obstruction the view of the signs and environmental graphics.

The enhancement of the pedestrian flow and sense of place with plant materials, hardscape and site amenities create an ambience encouraging guests and shoppers to stay on site
longer……translating to spending more dollars.

Sustainability, from both an installation and maintenance perspective is even more important to us now as we approach retail and hospitality venues. With tiered water and energy rates
escalating, a key service to our clients is to implement project features that conserve resources without sacrificing aesthetics.

Our design vocabulary integrates site concerns, aesthetics and LEED/sustainable practices into a design statement that reduces project costs, demonstrates partnership with community and
proactively addresses government regulation.