California State University, Fullerton Parking Structure No. 4 and Plaza

Fullerton, CA

Lynn Capouya, Inc. worked with the design/build team to prepare the winning submittal for this competition. This project provided a 1,500-space, 6-level parking structure located in the south end of Lot E, and included a pedestrian plaza and walkway, Visitor Information Center, and roadway modifications to Folino Drive.

Key site concerns were addressed to:

  • Create a pedestrian plaza
  • Enhance the building structure
  • Preserve existing trees provide median and right of way improvements
  • Create a pedestrian link to Campus
  • Maximize sustainability
  • Blend with existing campus features

Key sustainable items included:

  • Smart irrigation controller
  • Low volume irrigation heads
  • Drought tolerant plant palette
  • Permeable pavers
  • Use of bio-swales to reduce runoff
  • Canopy shade trees to reduce heat island effect
  • Relocation of existing trees
  • Client California State University, Fullerton
  • Tags Vertical

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